BYNBEARY is a studio making colorfun and fantastical art, books, archival prints, and gifts based in Nashville, TN. with a commitment to a compassionate approach to business and production.


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About the founder

BYNBEARY was founded by Yanuary Irasema Navarro, an illustrator, writer, and designer. She was born in a tiny village in Honduras, Central America and was taken to live in Florida in fourth grade. In Florida she grew up amongst the beaches, swamps, and the complications that follow trying to make sense of a dual identity while wanting to belong somewhere. She studied illustration at the Ringling College of Art and Design and there she also got hands-on experience in the fields of graphic design, printmaking, digital and traditional illustration, and storytelling. Over the past decade she has worked with businesses and individuals as an independent artist and in-house designer to help their ideas come to life. She is happy to continue making art and stories about the miraculous and complex experience of life.

As a visual artist she has exhibited in celebrated venues such as: The Ringling Museum of Art, SCOPE Miami, The Bakehouse Art Complex, Olio Gallery, C. Emerson Fine Arts, Even-N-Odd Gallery, The Sarasota Art Center and many more.

Storm Cellar Magazine - featured artist
Spirituality & Health Magazine - featured artist
Agave Magazine - featured artist
Cross Connect Magazine - featured artist
805 Lit Magazine - cover artist
Ringling 100 - featured artist
Tampa Review - featured artist
Eve-N-Odd Coloring Book - featured artist

Kind Mentions & Press:
Agave Magazine (5 Questions With)
Tampa Review (Featured Artist)
Her Campus - (Contemporary Hispanic & Latinx Artists)

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