Our Story

EST. 2023

We're an indie boutique specializing in nature-themed, avant-garde home décor and personalized wares for the free-spirited and fun-loving.

Our designs are handcrafted often using traditional tools such as Gouache paint, Acrylic paint, inks, and laser engraving in our studio nestled in the hills of Tennessee, USA.

We create unique personalized gift options, and handcraft a small collection of home décor originals and small treasures every year. We like exploring ideas and keeping things fresh by rotating all of our collections every 1-3 months. So if you see anything you love grab it before it goes out of rotation for years or forever!

A Special Message

"When I started BynBeary it was out of a need for creative freedom. At the time, I was seeking marketplaces to sell my original designs but kept getting rejection after rejection. The reasons had a pattern. I was told my work was too unusual, too unconventional, not commercial, and downright strange. From there, I realized something profound. I had a strength for creating a space for the quirkiness we often hide out of fear of being different. When I launched BynBeary, I knew I was home. Every item each person holds in their hand is a wish for their happiness, for their joy, and a celebration of that special quirkiness that makes them one-of-a-kind. They're not afraid to be themselves, to stand apart, no matter how beautifully strange. These are my people and I seek to celebrate them."

Yanuary Navarro, Designer & Founder

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