Turtle Conservation & Giving Back

Turtle Conservation & Giving Back

Although I wasn't born in Florida, I did grow up there and I consider it my home state. One can't live in Florida without being in awe of the complex ecosystem it is. On the East coast you are gifted with the beautiful ocean front of the Atlantic Ocean. On the West coast the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Everywhere in between the state is abundant with marshes, prairies, and the world known Everglades. A wetland preserve home to endangered species threatened by Florida's ever growing expansion and growth.

Florida is home to many threatened and extinct animals. Visit the Gainesville Museum of Natural History to see the bones of prehistoric giant sloths, tortoises, and sharks that used to roam the region. During a hike in the East coast, I encountered a Gopher tortoise and took a quick photo before it scurried away. It's important to leave nature be if you encounter it. Looking and not touching is key to preserving our threatened species. You'll see signs saying that message at every state park and nature preserve you visit in Florida.

BynBeary has made a commitment to contribute to the preservation and protection of our shared planet. We will donate a portion of our profits to select conservation organizations to help them have the resources they need to continue with their conservation efforts. It's the only way we want to do business. If we're succeeding we want it to be for the shared benefit of our world. Of our planet. Of our children's future.

This year we have chosen to support the Turtle Survival Alliance read more about them here.

Thank you for choosing to support BynBeary and our mission to protect our planet and our vulnerable ecosystems.

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