How the Recession Led to Laser Engraving Expertise

How the Recession Led to Laser Engraving Expertise

Laser cutting and engraving is the last application I could have ever imagined for my artwork. Isn't that how life goes though? It provides what we need not always what we desire.

I remember finishing my last year of college and feeling lost as to what I wanted to do, and who I wanted to be professionally. I was often so exhausted from working all day and long nights waitressing to pay for my expenses that I never really had time to think about my future. Ironic huh? So I inevitably found myself facing the recession as a recent grad with no prospects of employment.

That's how I ended up bumping into the engraving industry in the 2000s. I found a part-time gig engraving and typesetting personalized glasses, jewelry, frames, baby gifts. You name it! chances are I've engraved it. To my surprise, I fell in love with the process. I saw early on the infinite potential of this technology.

I eventually left that engraving gig but my curiosity for engraving never left. I landed in a different design position where I learned about even more processes like sandblasting, screen-printing, sublimation, and laser cutting. I was fascinated and quickly noticed how the machines were not being used to their full potential.

I took a leap and purchased a small laser-cutting machine and taught myself how to set-up the files to engineer my own 3d designs. I could see my future a bit more clearly now I just wasn't sure how to get there. I imagined I would have a storefront one day. So I continued for years—testing ideas, making prototypes, and developing a process for creating laser-ready files.

I've been waiting to release my first laser-ready downloadable project for years. 5 years to be exact. I was scared, unsure if it was right for me, and doubtful in every way possible. So it's with great excitement that I offer my first few designs on this month, February 2024 to the public. This isn't a last-minute idea for me, it's taken years of ideation and testing to make sure I can provide a seamless experience with each project.

Thank you for creating your future projects with the BynBeary designs. I've poured my heart and soul into figuring out this process.


"Thank you for the gift of your precious time."

Yanuary Navarro
creative director, author/illustrator

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