Flourishing After Rejection

Flourishing After Rejection


As the manager of BynBeary and an illustration business I have to constantly put myself at the forefront of rejection. When I query clients, when I ask for the sale, when I share content online. I know that rejection is highly likely at every turn. It's the one constant I can rely on happening.

As I continue to reflect on my journey as an entrepreneur and creator I have learned that I've always had an entrepreneurial heart. I didn't have the language in my early days to clarify that for myself. It would have saved me a lot of time and uneducated decisions. What I love most of all is problem solving through creativity and the art of business. I had convinced myself, as many creatives do, that it was impossible to be both a creative and love business.

Here's what I now know: The most important trait to acquire as soon as possible as a creator and in business (I'd argue in life in general) is the ability to reframe rejection as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the heartbreak, the pit in our stomach, the spinning thoughts of "I must not be good enough" will eat up all of our creative life energy. We need this energy. It's detrimental to our practice to find ways to reframe this storm of disappointment.

Here's what I've learned about my own practice of reframing constant rejection.

When I encounter rejection, which is often, almost daily. I reframe the thoughts of

"I'm not good enough." " I can't do this."


" Wow! I was courageous for asking for what I want."
or "Wow! It took a lot of courage to take a chance, I'm proud of myself."

It's important to infuse "I" in the sentence to internalize the empowering energy.
It's surprising how powerful this exercise is when we're feeling at our lowest.
I hope the next time you're pulled into the storm of rejection this small reframing exercise can shine a light of hope in your day.

"Thank you for the gift of your precious time."

Yanuary Navarro
founder & creative director

Say hi! yanuary@bynbeary.com

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