Big Changes and A Wish for Simplicity

Big Changes and A Wish for Simplicity

hope you're getting settled into the new year. My wish is that it may be a year filled with moments of creativity and simplicity for you. Every new year, the norm is to push ourselves to make piles of goals that end up making us feel pressured and stressed. For the next Creative Sparks! letter, I'll share a way to make plans without all the anxiety and stress of planning.

I wanted to say a heartfelt warm and cozy thank you to you for gifting me with your time over the past 2 years! It's an honor and a gift.

Here's The Big Change

My deepest wish is simplicity so I have more space for the people and experiences I love. For this reason, I've combined some big projects into one home, including Draw Grow Smile, under the name BYNBEARY. Currently, I send out two letters, one focused on craft, and the other on behind-the-scenes with art & shop updates. If you're on my mailing list, you can now choose to adjust your preferences if you prefer one or the other, otherwise, you'll continue to receive both letters. Click on “Update preferences” in the email footer. I didn't know how to do this before nor did I know I could! Cheers to learning new things (insert facepalm here).

Through these studio updates, I like to share the behind-the-scenes with you into projects, my indie shop, and all the trials and errors in between. I know I learn so much when others share their experience.

Things I've Learned
As An Indie Creator

  1. You CAN figure it out! I recently had to put myself in the web developer driver's seat because something wasn't functioning like I needed. I had no idea where to start. I wanted to ugly cry because that's the most painful part about growth, not knowing what you don't knowMany hours of research and YouTube tutorials later, to my shock, I had done it. I had figured it out and everything was humming along. I'm sharing this because I sincerely DID NOT think I was intelligent enough to figure it out. Web Development and drawing couldn't be more opposite. Are you feeling stuck? Like there's no way you can do something? I need you to know that YES you CAN figure it out too. It will be hard. You'll want to ugly cry and throw in the towel but please hang in there, it's all part of the growth process.
  2. Where focus goes beauty grows.
    At the end of 2023, I listened to an inner need for long-form writing and deeper connections. Being an artist is solitary and sometimes downright lonely (few people understand our weirdness, our unexplained need to make things, and that our minds, for better or for worse, are constantly spinning with wild ideas). As a result, I started pouring more energy into my monthly letters which offer the opportunity for long-form writing. I'm breathing a sigh of relief so deep it sends shivers through my chest. For now, this is what my spirit needs. Is there something you can take a break from or let go to make room for deeper focus and meaningful action?
  3. It’s OK to pivot and try new things even though they may not work. Often, fear of “doing the wrong thing” can keep us from making changes. I know I experience that all the time. Change is scary but sometimes it's the only way to truly know if something will work for us or not. In the end, I will continue to choose growth over staying stuck for fear of failure. What's stopping you from pivoting to get closer to what you love?

Have a lovely day!

"Thank you for the gift of your precious time."

Yanuary Navarro
creative director, author/illustrator

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